8 remedies from turmeric

8 remedies from turmeric

Turmeric is very familiar to each of us. Turmeric is known to have many health benefits, especially useful for gallstones, hepatitis, gastritis...

1. Pharmacological effects of turmeric

Yellow and black turmeric have been used in Eastern medicine for a long time. Both types have anti-inflammatory activity . The rhizomes of yellow and black turmeric are harvested in the autumn and winter, cut off the small roots, washed in sandy soil, sliced, dried or dried. In Eastern medicine, it is called Khuong Hoang (Yellow Turmeric), Nga Trut (Black Turmeric).

Turmeric has the effect of fighting stomach ulcers and digestive disorders. The total liquid extract of yellow turmeric has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol, antibacterial and antifungal.

Black turmeric has the effect of stimulating digestion, enhancing bile secretion, and treating gas. Black turmeric essential oil has antibacterial effects.

2.Usage and dosage

Yellow turmeric and black turmeric both have a bitter taste, warm, beneficial to the Can and Pi meridians, used to treat cases of blood stasis injuries, hepatitis, jaundice, gastritis, boils, rheumatism, painful limbs. Turmeric is also used as a blood tonic for women, treatment of amenorrhea, and postpartum uterine bleeding. Used alone or in combination with some other herbs in the treatment of constipation.

Drink 2-6g a day in the form of powder or decoction.

External use: crushed fresh turmeric, apply water to boils, skin wounds, avoid leaving scars. Foreign scientists have also studied that black turmeric has anti-cancer properties. In some countries, turmeric is also used to treat cough and support the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

3.Medications from turmeric
3.1 Support to cure hepatitis, liver failure, jaundice

Turmeric 2g, centella asiatica 4g, water curd 3g, bare kernel 3g, royal male 3g, spend 2g, pot roast 2g, post-harvest male (forest) 2g. Turmeric, gardenia, after-draft men are dried, finely ground, and finely sifted. Other flavors cooked to high. Mix the flour and cocoa powder to make a perfect ball. Drink 10g a day, divided into 2 times.

3.2 Supporting the treatment of acute viral hepatitis

Turmeric 12g, rhubarb, dandelion, grass roots, 40g each, 16g chi, 12g star rhubarb, 8g Hoang Lien. One day a ladder. Sac drink during the day.

3.3 Cure gallstones, wear away stones

40g primrose, turmeric, myrrh, ceiling, body only, rhubarb, 12g each. Day 1 ladder. Sac drink during the day.

3.4 Cure peptic ulcers, stomach pain, belching, heartburn
Turmeric 10g, bare skin 12g, ginseng 12g, incense 10g, dandelion 10g, wormwood 8g. All dried, finely ground, drink 10-20g a day, divided into 2 times.

3.5 Cure amenorrhea, accumulation of uterine bleeding after birth

Turmeric 1 tuber is baked, sliced, eaten, or cooked with sticky rice.

3.6 Treatment of dysmenorrhea

Turmeric 12g, useful sample 20g, birthstone 16g, profound ginseng 16g, earth core skin 12g, Hoang Lien, peach kernel, extra incense, skin, each taste 8g. Sac drink during the day.

3.7 Cure nosebleeds, vomiting blood (vomiting blood)

Turmeric powder, 4-6g per day, divided into 2 times with water.

3.8 Treating boils and sores

Yellow turmeric powder 30g, gotu kola powder 60g, alum powder 10g. Mix well, sprinkle on lesions, 3 times a day. It is necessary to ensure that the turmeric has a clear origin and is not adulterated.

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